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Why did Cooking With The Stars Denise Van Outen fall out with Johnny Vaughan?


Harry Judd who is a star from McFly has triumphed on the debut series of the show Cooking with the stars. He is a drummer and with the help of his mentor who is a professional chef naming Nisha Katona, he has made his way to win the show as he lifted the golden frying pan in the final on Tuesday night. It has to be said, he faced fierce competition when we talk about the finalist in the show, the two who were with him in the final were the TV Presenters naming AJ Odudu and Denise Van Outen.

Cooking With The Stars Denise Van Outen

Cooking With The Stars Denise Van Outen

Harry was completely stunned about winning the show as he was underestimating himself saying I was running around here and there like a mad man as he sliced his finger with a knife but he won the show and he further stated he has learned a lot from the show and of course he met Nisha here who has been a gem. He stated this has been the most incredible time of his life, was stated Nisha, it has been an absolute honor as they both lifted the trophy together.

if we talk about Denis who was flooding tears after his dish and his cooking skills were complicated and when we talk about AJ who is going to be taking the floor on the show Strictly Come Dancing which is going to happen this year. She fell at the first hurdle as she was burning her lamb dish and she crashed out with her mentor naming Jack Stein.

It seems like Denis and Harry went head to head as they choose a similar Indian dish and AJ chose the dish pasta. It seems like the musician bled as she was making the final dish, he accidentally sliced his finger with a knife but in the end, he came out on the top.

The show has been truly amazing as it was the debut of the show and it has managed to gain a decent rating during the course, it seems like there is going to be another season and we can hope for it to be a banger, just like the way this season has been a delight to watch. The idea of people who are covered with fame fighting it out in a cooking show is pretty interesting and the show makers have implemented it in a great manner.

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