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Cook With Comali 2 Today’s 13th March 2021 Episode: Puffed Rice Ball Challenge & Elimination Updates!


Catch the full written episode update of “Cook With Comali” on 13c March 2021. The episode is immensely exciting to watch tonight. It is completely gonna filled with extreme laughter. You are gonna hold our stomach tight as the content in tonight’s episode is hilarious to watch. The participants are working hard to save their seats in the finals. This week we witness the pressure on the contestants as competition is becoming tougher day after day.

Cook With Comali 2

Cook With Comali 2 13th March 2021 Elimination Updates

But participants are all set to face competition and give a strong battle to each other. They are preparing unique dishes to impress the judges and to save themselves from getting into nominations. As they are in the show to register a win at their name and obviously not even a single competent want to face nominations. The nomination is the worst part of the show but must have to proceed and follow as it is the concept of the show. This must be done because this the only way to get the talented winner who can completely justify the title.

The show is all about preparing different dishes with an amusing taste. While participants are focusing to enhance the taste of any simple dishes with different ingredients. They are provided with numerous challenging activities to perform the task and cook a dish, this means they have to face trouble pressure. The host and judges keep the envoormnet hilarious and cheerful to decrease the level of stress of the participants, which directly helps them to perform stress-free and with a focus.

This week they are also announced with a challenging task. Which going to make participant strategies first and then perform with. While the entertainment is gonna be witnessed in the entire episode which makes the audience enjoy the show and laugh unstoppably. Viewers love to watch CWC2 as it has extremely engaging content. The participants have to prepare a dish with jaggery which is gonna be challenging for them.

As per the promo, the participant who eats more sweet rice pop will get the immunity for the upcoming challenge. And they have an opportunity to win the task. The performers try to interrupt each other so, that they can earn more points compares to others. To watch the full episode set your remote on Star Vijay Tv, at 6:30 pm from Saturday to Sunday. The show is receiving numerous of love from viewers. Stay tuned to us.

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