There has been a new image on the internet and the picture has been going viral on the internet and there have been many speculations for same, the picture is of Sonia Gandhi and the reason that the picture has been going so viral is for all the wrong reasons as in the picture, her bookshelf is pretty clear to be seen and in her bookshelf, there is a book having a title ‘how to convert India into Christian nation’ and many of the people without even fact-checking are showing their disgust towards the leader and it seems like that a bunch of people on the internet is hating on her for reading such a book but they haven’t checked the credibility of the picture.

Convert India Into Christian Nation

Convert India Into the Christian Nation

Now it has been confirmed that the picture is fake and there is also a holy bible and a statue of Jesus which is also morphed, the picture was posted by ‘NoConversion’but after realizing their mistake they have deleted the picture and it seems like that they have even given an explanation and have apologized for posting such a picture on their official handle as they are pretty influential as they have around 2 lakh followers and there are many people who must have believed what they have posted without even fact-checking and would have concluded that one the leaders of our country are trying to plot something outrageous against them,

They even gave a demeaning caption stating that who reads such books but the issue is that they have not even given an explanation for what they have posted, what they have done is that, They have deleted the picture without giving any kind of explanation and they have not even apologized behaving as if they have done nothing wrong and deleting the picture is going to make sense, What about those people who have seen such a post and then never bothered to revisit the issue, now in the minds of those people, they must have considered her to be someone who is trying to destroy the country but it isn’t the case it seems like.

The picture was analyzed by BOOM and they even found the book has the same title but they have stated that the picture is fake and the Jesus statue and the holy bible and the book that has the obnoxious title, it is all fake and it seems like that no one knows who did this as ‘NoConversion’ has kept mouths closed on how did they find the picture or have they done it thinking that people are going to believe them or they did it to start a hate moment for the influential person.


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