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Converse Shoes Pentagram: Converse ‘Sells Out’ to Satan with New Pentagram Shoe!


Recently Converse has joined hands with the fashion designer naming Rick Owens and the company has launched a whole new collection of shoes which are inspired by Rick Owens and the name of the shoe is “satan shoes”. The shoes were released earlier this week and they are being stated as the limited edition which has been released with the collaboration with Owen’s brand naming DRKSHDW.

Converse Shoes Pentagram

Converse Shoes Pentagram

The new shoe is going to be coming in different styles which is a TURBODRK Chuck 70 and they feature a common symbol which is the pentagram and it is being stated, the company has replaced the Chuck Taylor star for their newest collection, The shows have been launched by the footwear giant which has marked the launch of the official shoes as the company has released a clip which is featuring two masked models and it is being seen that the models are wearing masks and are creating a pentagram symbol with their body positioning.

The symbol of Pentagram is being associated with the devil and is stated to be the mark of evil and the symbol has been referred to by many of Christians as the symbol of the 5 wounds that Jesus had, The shoes have gone completely viral as these are the limited edition shoes and they have taken over the internet by storm and it has been stated that the TURBODRK is part of the DRKSHDW collection and they are going to be grunge and glam rock in the coming products.

There has been an official statement on Instagram which has been given by Converse as he has opened up about using the pentagram in the newest limited edition shoe, He stated that he has used the pentagram as the symbol as he stated, the symbol is said to be the symbol of control in the culture which is directed to primal ways, it is also the way to organize different systems and thoughts.

On the other hand, online consumers have completely failed to understand and are not at all convinced with the artist and it seems like many of the users are saying that they are not going to be buying the newest release and many of the people are trying to cancel the company as they think that it is inappropriate to promote evil in any way.

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