Construction To Shut Down In Victoria After Violent Protests at CFMEU: VIDEO: There is a graphic video that has emerged recently in which a dog is being kicked after the abundance of protestors stormed the CFMEU headquarters. This has happened on Monday which is just before bottles were thrown out and there were loudspeakers that got smashed.

Construction Workers Protest Melbourne

CFMEU Video Explained 

The group then started hovering outside the headquarters, as they were busy doing this, there was a great fight which started happening, this was happening between a bunch of men which was quickly broken up by the police. The video was captured by 7NEWS which shows some men walking up to another man having a high dog on a leash.

Earlier it was stated by the union leader naming John Setka who was on the loudspeaker, he was asking everyone to just calm down but he was drowned out by the group who started to swear, he further stated whether they agree or not with him, he further stated we are not the enemy.

Construction Workers Protest Melbourne

He was then greeted by the chorus which was canted by angry workers, some of them were calling him a liar and asked for him to stand down his stance. The situation got really messed up when the CMFEU staff tried to get inside the building. The protestors started off throwing bottles and there were loudspeakers that were getting smashed overheads.

The protestors were trying to follow inside, it is being believed that the protestors were against the mandatory vaccines among the construction industry and the groups were chanting “fuck the jab”. When we talk about Friday, there were dozens of workers who sat on plastic chairs in the middle of Lonsdale street, Spencer street, and Sydney road against the closure of tearooms.

Construction Workers Protest Melbourne

All of the construction workers will be required to show the evidence to their employer stating they have had a first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by 11:59 pm on 23rd September. There are limited medical exemptions and proof of booking exceptions that are going to be applied.

It seems like the people and the government are having their clashes, if we have to say something about this, I think the people are frustrated because of the going on pandemic and this is how they are portraying it out and the government is also right on their stand as to control the virus. This is a tricky situation, let us in the upcoming days if they are going to come with some sort of solution.


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