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Conservative Radio Host Phil Valentine Hospitalized With Covid 19 In Nashville!


The conservative talk show host naming Phil Valentine has been hospitalized with COVID-19 which has been stated by his family, A statement got released on Thursday as his relatives have claimed that he is going through a tough time and the situation is pretty serious, he is suffering from ‘Covid Pneumonia’ and is suffering from some other side effects too, He is right now in a critical care unit at a hospital in Nashville where he is being assisted with his breathing but he is not on a ventilator yet which has been stated by his family.

Phil Valentine Nashville

Radio Host Phil Valentine

He is the host of the Phil Valentine show which is known as Nashville’s Super talk which comes on station 99.7 WTN and his status of being positive with Covid-19 has been confirmed on the Facebook page on 11th July and he has also spoken a bit about the battle that he has had with the virus on his radio show.

Phil Valentine Hospitalized In Nashville

He has stated about the virus that he has been feeling congestion, he is coughing and is also feeling fatigued and everything hurts like crap. He further stated that he is trying to move forward but is failing to walk straight as he further stated he doesn’t want all of this to linger on.

Covid 19 Breakthrough Case

Valentine is a person who is pretty outspoken and he tends to give his opinion on different topics and he has stated he is not in the favour of mask mandates, he has stated that the hospitals were never in danger of getting overwhelmed with the Covid-19 patients and he has even raised his concerns over the vaccine as he was worried about the safety and the potency of the vaccine.

His family has stated in a statement that he has never been someone who is against vaccines, he just had some concerns about the vaccine and about the whole situation and he is going to be addressing all of the issues as he is going to recover pretty soon and is going to address all of the issues that he has with the system and what he thinks should be changed.


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