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Comedy Raja Kalakkal Rani 11th July 2021 full episode: Pugazh & Baba Bhaskar Funny Performance!


Here we are with the written episode update of your favorite serial “Comedy Raja Kalakkal Rani” of 11 July 2021. The episode tonight is going to be jammed up with lots of fun. The host of the show will also be seen cracking jokes and keep the audience engaged to it. Yes, tonight your stomach will be going to pain a lot by laughing. You will be going to get a laugh at it continuously. The show is highly cherishable by the viewers due to its hilarious concept.

Comedy Raja Kalakkal Rani

The show has pairs to make the audience amazed with their comedy consist acts. They have to prepare an act to represent their performance on the stage. The main motive of the participants is only to make the audience laugh at their hilarious acts. So, in the episode tonight we will be going to see a couple that makes everyone laugh out loud. The man has been seen covered himself in the stall but a lady asks him to remove it.

Once he removes it he turns back and his shirt is just like a blouse from the back. This creates huge laughter I’m the stage. The next performance is based on the hilarious conversation of a girl who is a boxer and a priest. They both use to crack numerous jokes and their convo is super hilarious. Seeing their performance judges use to come on the stage and praise both of them. He was even seen having coconut and trying to break it on his head.

After this, there is once more performance based on the life of the priest and his wife, Both of them set the stage on fire with their rocking performances. They are even dressed like a saint in yellow colors. The girl used to be seen as more hilarious in the entire act. The rest of the participants will be seen laughing like never before while they are performing. The how is receiving lots of love from the audience. Don’t forget to watch the show on Vijay television from Saturday to Sunday. Stay tuned to us to get the latest update on the upcoming episode.

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