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Comedian Fuquan Johnson Ex-Girlfriend Kate Quigley Hospitalized After Death of Fuquan Johnson


Kate Quigley is a comedian and a model who got hospitalized because of her critical condition after she was involved in a get-together which led to the death of the comedian Fuquan Johnson and two of his friends because of a drug overdose, this has been reported by TMZ.

Kate Quigley

Kate Quigley Hospitalized 

According to the site, Johnson and Quigley are not the only ones who got affected because of the situation, two of their friends have also died because of the drug abuse and it seems like their names haven’t been released as of yet, Quigley has dated Darius Rucker who is the frontman for Hootie & the Blowfish which has been stated on page six of the report coming from TMZ.

Fuquan Johnson Cause Of Death

It has been stated by TMZ, the get-together included Quigley and Johnson and it was as a place of a resident who lives next door where Quigley resisted and from where the 911 call was made. The police then showed up and it was found Johnson and two other people have died at the scene because of the critical condition.

It has been further stated by TMZ, it is not clear as of now if her condition has gotten better or not and it is being alleged the reason for their death is drug overdose and the autopsy report are still in progress and that is why it not clear if the LAPD’S homicide is going to be involved in the case or not, it is going to be seen when the autopsy reports are going to arrive.

Fuquan Johnson And Kate Quigley Found Love In Quarantine

According to the reports which came in the month of September 2020 of the Page Six Report, Rucker and Quigley found love when we talk about quarantine. In the month of July, Beth who is Rucker’s wife announced that they are going to be splitting after being together for 20 years and it has been stated in one of the podcasts, he was flaunting his relationship with Rucker on social media.

In the month of September, she tweeted, her boyfriend is a fan of Dolphins, now she understands why he likes her so much, she further stated, he has a thing for lost causes. It seems like they both are no longer dating which has been reported by TMZ.

Her career has been pretty amazing as she started off her career going open mics in Chicago, she studied theatre at the Chicago College of Performing Arts as she was trying out open mics night. She stated on open of the interviews, she realized that she gets really happy when she is able to make people laugh, it was her favorite thing she further stated.

We wish for her speedy recovery and we hope she is not in a critical condition, it is said that drug abuse has taken the lives of three people and this should have never happened but it seems like drug abuse is one of the biggest reasons for the death of many all over the world and people need to understand the value of their life, just to get high for some time is not going to be beneficial in your daily life.

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