Home News COBB Green Speed: Green Speed Update (April 2022)

COBB Green Speed: Green Speed Update (April 2022)


COBB Green Speed: Green Speed Update (April 2022): If you are aware of this project’s green speed then you what kind of topic we are talking about. We are going to inform our users that we have now received 88 California Air Resources Board Executive Orders and we have many more applications and devices which are working their way. This project will guarantee the hundred percent compliant hard parts, performance packages, and turning solutions across all the supported platforms. Through this article, there is an overview of the changes that were made in the Accesstuner Sofware System. This system will meet client needs and also meets customer expectations. So the major changes  which have been made are: Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

COBB Green Speed

COBB Green Speed

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), Stratified Warmup, Tumble Generator Value, Three-way Catalyst, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors, Oxygen Sensors, Secondary Air Injection, Tables associated with certain OEM OBD Test Min/Max Limits.

Many of these tables, toggles, and diagnostic issue codes were previously exposed by our Accesstuner program, and each individual user was responsible for ensuring that the files they made met all applicable emissions regulations. Our perceptions of the market and the current regulatory environment have shifted on how to effectively deal with these issues. They have learned that numerous environmental and regulatory authorities may designate any adjustment of these characteristics like Delete Features and also declare that any calibrations and tunes that enhanced or modify these features are deleted tunes which might have a detrimental impact on car emissions.

Green Speed Update (April 2022)

Now we are explaining the major changes in DTC and Toggles

DTCs, which are directly linked to the function of the following systems will not be accessible. Their names are Three ways Catalysts, Stratified Warmup, Tumble Generator Valves, Secondary Air Injection, Oxygen Sensors, and Evaporative System.

Toggles, which you can easily modify with switchable states associated with the operation of any of the following systems have been removed as Oxygen Sensors, Exhaust Gas Temperatures Sensors, Stratified Warmup, Evaporative systems, Certain OEM OBD Test Min/Max Limits.

Analog Flex Fuel. The analog Nissan and Subaru Flex Fuel Feature sets have been eliminated since existing analog flex-fuel systems have an influence on certain of the signal processing of the specified critical sensor and DTC signals. These kinds of updates we have dropped down every single day. So if you find something useful from this site then you can follow this site.

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