Home Entertainment Cleasel TikTok Drama Explained: Mallory Brand Video And Sexual Assualt Allegations Explored

Cleasel TikTok Drama Explained: Mallory Brand Video And Sexual Assualt Allegations Explored


Cleasel TikTok Drama Explained: Mallory Brand Video And Sexual Assualt Allegations Explored: Cleasel TikTok Drama is currently trending all over the Internet. The netizens are looking forward to knowing more details regarding this. The Tiktok drama of Cleasel refers to the series of videos uploaded by a 22 years old STEM student Claire McDonald. She started uploading short reels and videos on TikTok which is related to the daily problems and issues faced by the women in the STEM branch, especially from their male counterparts. Whilst at the first reviews were harsh on her as her fellow mates asked her to stop criticizing them for no apparent reason, she kept uploading them after more women and girls reached her to thank her for the uploads. Her TikTok account and video posts keep on getting removed and banned for harsh criticism and reporting their assumption. Recently, Mallory Brand uploaded a TikTok video blasting her for being a poser and fake person. Let’s have a closer look into this case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Cleasel TikTok Drama Explained

Cleasel TikTok Drama Explained

The TikTok drama of Cleasel was fueled after the party suffered a cleavage for posting too many falsified reports and video content. However, initially warned for posing too much on less information, the TikTok account of Cleasel has been allegedly banned, several times. At the University of Iowa, Claire happens to be one of the only four ladies among 60 males continuing their Science and finance degrees. She said that in the faculty, even the topper ladies students are never taken seriously and their ideas and thoughts are often discarded with sharp ridiculing.


Claire through her TikTok handle “Cleasel” forced this at the first statement by uploading a video of her male classmates denying her ideas at the time of a presentation. The video recording from her project idea throwing for a Commercial Underwriting shows her male classmates interrupting her several times at the time she is presenting and directly criticizing her approach towards the project. She at first sent that video footage to her lady’s friends and then thought of bringing the matter into thick light to show the groundless behavior of her male equivalents. The video uploaded on TikTok handle “Cleasel” took in more than 2 million views in a span of a week, making her welcome more followers and well-wishers.

Mallory Brand Video And Sexual Assualt Allegations

Mallory Brand has flagrantly expressed her sharp criticisms for Claire as she believes that she has been making more fake stores for her TikTok audiences and individuals are believing her for less reason. Mallory in her recent TikTok post spoke about the plane fare and the dress prices that she had to pay from her pocket. Claire had been creating this controversy over the weeks and stating that her vast followers about the prices she had to pay for the service and visit of Mallory.

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