Class Action Lawsuit Illinois Facebook Settlement: Another Company Settles Privacy: The Facebook settlement with Illinois: don’t miss to get your compensation if you may be one of 1.42 million people eligible to receive a check as part of a 7-year, $650 million, as a class-action lawsuit against the company. recently facebook violated the Illinois Illinois biometric information privacy act by collecting and storing biometric data, and physical characteristics of users without asking or notifying the user through features including facial recognition technology. this new feature allows Facebook to store and collect the physical characteristics like the image of a person and other details so that in the future he can use his face as his id proof but this feature violates the privacy policy bcoz this feature did not ask the user to store his details with Facebook. Follow More Update On

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Class Action Lawsuit Illinois Facebook

This feature can be recognized as a “tag suggestion” notification. this tag notification violates the Illinois biometric information privacy act 2008. saying companies are not allowed to collect, store, or give out “biometric data” including face and fingerprint scans without intimating the user and act also includes company should specify how is the information stored and how and when it would b destroyed.

Till now Facebook has denied all the allegations of wrongdoing and liability. Facebook changed its technology in 2019 and replace it with a border face recognition setting that shuts by default. so Facebook announced that it will permanently delete this feature. as per the settlement, the compensation settlement checks started going to the people whose details and privacy is being violated within 2 weeks people should check their validation as per terms and condition and should claim their compensation by the given procedure.

Class Action Lawsuit Illinois Facebook Settlement

only those are compensation eligible whose face template is created and stored by Facebook after June 7, 2011″. then to claim you must have lived in the state of Illinois for a period of at least 183 days(6 months). the amount you will receive if u belong to class is $200 to $400 per person from a $650 million settlement fund, visit the official website. according to records, it is the largest settlement ever for a privacy violation.

It will give everyone who belongs to the class an amount of at least $300 as compensation
facebook has started mailing out the payment checks on May 9, 2022. the company says that it will take at least 3 weeks for mailing and processing electronic payments initiation.
get your updated and check if you are eligible and claim your compensation so that your share of the money doesn’t go to waste. it will give a message to all the companies that violating privacy policies is a strict offense and you have to compensate for the deeds and educate yourself so that in the future your privacy will not b violated by such companies.


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