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Clarissa Saunders Death Cause: Olympic Silver Medalist Raven Saunders Mother Passed Away!


Raven Saunders is a well-known shot put athlete and she is performing in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. She even received a silver medal for the first time in the Olympics. On Tuesday she has been announced the demise of her ‘mother Clarissa Saunders. Her mother attended the Tokyo Olympics watch party while she was in Orlando. There she enjoyed watching the match of her daughter if shot out on Sunday with her daughter Tanzania.

Clarissa Saunders Cause of Death

Clarissa Saunders Cause of Death

Whares the reason for the death of her mother is yet to be confirmed. Raven got to know about the demise of her mom from her coach. As the death confirmation sends to the coach by post or courier and her coach is a father figure too. After this Raven posted that she needs a break to stabilize her mental health and to focus on her family as they need her.


Saunders took to the tweeter and she wrote, “taking an off from social media as I need to calm and stable my mental health along with the care of my family. My mother was the prettiest and greatest woman and she will still be going to be live with me forever. She will be greatly missed and will always be going to love her a lot.”

On Mother’s Day Saunder posted on Instagram for her mother. Her mother is strong, relentless, and has a determination for her. The caption in the post reads, “You give me life and you are my only strength. You are the only one who loved me a lot. Happy mothers day to the women of my life. I would like to thank you and love you the most. Thanks to God who give me a mum like you.” After her, Rio’s Saunder told them about her mental health and she said that “I tried to take my own life before going to my therapist.”

Saunders tea, mates, friends, and family took to the tweeter and giving her deep condolence. This is the most difficult time Saunder is going through. Thus she takes off social media to stable her mental health and family. Rob Way tweeted, “we are going to announce sad news and that is Raven Saunder lost her mother. She is the silver medal receiver in the Tokyo Olympics for the first time. We even took an interview of her mother on Friday about her reactions to the winning of her daughter.”


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