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Cinema Bandi Telugu Movie Release On OTT Netflix, Review, Story, Cast!


Netflix is the reason that many of the people are not getting bored in their homes and are getting entertained even when the outside world is a ball of virus at this point in time and in these desperate times releasing movies and new shows every now and then is helping people to cope up with the stress that they are in and kudos to the OTT platforms to make it a livable situation for many of the people and we hope that they keep on releasing content on their platforms.

Cinema Bandi

Cinema Bandi Telugu Movie On OTT Netflix

The new movie that is going to be released on NETFLIX is going to be ‘Cinema Bandi’ which will be released on 14th May, the movie has been directed by Praveen Kandregula, the movie has been written by Vasanth Mariganti, the movie has a great set of actors who will be starring in the movie, Vikas Vasistha, Rag Mayur, Sandeep Varanasi and many other great and experienced actors who are going to make this movie more worthwhile to watch. The movie belongs to the Comedy genre and it seems like the movie is going to entertain a lot of people as people have been showering the movie trailer with a lot of love and are eagerly waiting for the movie to be released.

Cinema Bandi Movie Story

The plot of the story is pretty simple, a taxi driver has found an expensive camera which is lying on the back seat of his car and then he decides to make a movie as he has decided to call everyone from his village to act in the movie and he is doing all of this to solve the problem of drought that is in their village because of which people of the village have been suffering a lot and to help the people of the village and to make his home a better place he goes on this amazing and difficult venture to make a movie with a bunch of people who have no experience in acting, all he has is him with a dream and an expensive camera about which he has no idea about how to use it.

The movie is going to be released on 14th May on the Netflix platform and people are eagerly waiting for the movie to be released and it seems like it is going to be a ride in which you are going to have a big laugh as by the looks of the trailer the movie is going to be hilarious and people are definitely going to love it.

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