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Chumpy Pullin Baby: Widow’s devastating reveal after birth


Chumpy Pullin Baby: The late snowboarding legend’s widow and new mother of Alex Chumpy Pullin’s baby girl has revealed details of his final altruistic act before his terrible demise. Pullin, a world champion snowboarder who carried the Australian flag at the 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony, died in a spearfishing accident in 2020. He drowned at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast after losing consciousness while underwater. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Chumpy Pullin Baby

Chumpy Pullin Baby

Chumpy’s partner Ellidy Vlug who last week announced on Instagram that she’d given birth to the couple’s child 16 months after his death. She also said that these were the happiest moments in my life and in my husband’s life. Her final moments with the snowboarder revealed the selfless and thoughtful nature of her late partner.

Vlug claimed Chumpy planned to go spearfishing on the day he died so he could catch food for friends who were coming over for a catch-up in a heartbreaking interview with Seven’s Spotlight, which aired on Sunday night. We awoke to find that we had visitors from Sydney. According to her, Chump had it in his head that he’d go spearfishing and catch dinner for everyone. I was talking to him via the window right before he drove away. We were discussing the possibility of closing the garage. He got out of the car, laughed, and grabbed my arm, saying, “You’re such a ditzy.” All I recall is that he exited and hugged me once more.

Pullin’s tragic death rocked Australia but in a heartwarming twist, Vlug revealed in July that she had fallen pregnant with his child through IVF. A surgery in which male sperms were injected into women’s ovum. In the days following Pullin’s death, a doctor was able to extract viable sperm from his body, according to Vlug. Vlug expressed her regret that Chumpy never got to experience fatherhood on a recent episode of her podcast, saying that the birth of their daughter will be bittersweet.

Widow’s biggest day of her life

Finally, I’m getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby which is going to be the best moment of my life. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever had and now I am experiencing it. It’s really hard to swallow the truth that he’s missing this, he deserves this time, he wanted this, he’s waiting for this whole time to become the dad. I see dads with their babies knowing how good he would have been. Every day I go to the beach and see guys walking along on the beach with their chicks and holding the baby carrier on his chest and the girl’s got the dog.

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