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Christmas Market Nottinghamshire: 7 unexpected things at Nottingham Christmas market


Christmas Market Nottinghamshire: It has to be said, for many people, a trip to the Christmas Market means mulled wine, listening to festive songs and wrapping up warm but if you are going to look hard enough then you can find pretty interesting presents to buy for yourself, for your friends and family. There are a number of different stalls which are lined up in Old Marker Square, everyone seems to be offering something a little different if you are stuck for gift ideas is the perfect place to go, you are going to find out items and food which we never knew about. Even if you are not interested in buying them, it is going to make a pretty fun window-shopping. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Christmas Market Nottinghamshire

Christmas Market Nottinghamshire

If you are all in the mood for the festive then this is definitely for you, the Great British Fidge company has a number of different crazy flavors for you to try such as Skittles and Baileys but the most fitting has to be mulled wine which is quite appropriately colored red.

Christmas Market Nottinghamshire


If you are based in Nottingham and if for some reason you are looking for Viking horn then we have some great news for you, if you are going to head over to Old Marker Square, you are going to have your choice of many, there is a whole stall dedicated to them. Coming in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.


There seems to be a number of different baubles on offer in the market but if you are looking for something extra-terrestrial then you can give it a go, it is sure it is going to brighten up the Christmas tree.

Christmas Market Nottinghamshire


The Yorkshire pudding wrap is pretty well known by now but it is still a rare treat on offer at the market, it is made up of massive pud with various goodies such as gravy, stuffing, meat, and vegetables which is about offering a pretty unique meal to visitors, if you haven’t had the taste of it, then you should definitely try one.

Christmas Market Nottinghamshire


Now, if you are into putting your or your friend’s body through pain then this is your go-to-market purchase, the world’s hottest shot is like an alcoholic spirit except it is made of ingredients including the infamous Carolina Reaper pepper, which is 63% alcohol and is going to blow your socks off according to the stallholder.

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