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Choti Sardarni, Written Update, 8th June 2021, Kulwant Gets Arrested!


In the new episode of the series, you are going to see Meher who is stating that they need to find some kind of proof and then Sarab stated that tomorrow is going to be the wedding to which Meher replied that he is going to get her arrested by tomorrow no matter what to which Sarab replied that how are they going to get her arrested without any kind of proof to which Meher states that he is going to talk to the shopkeeper about this and,

Choti Sardarni

Then she started crying and then Sarab is hugging him and then Meher is asking fr forgiveness as he stated that because of his family he had to go through the suffering and then he told him that he doesn’t need to take the blame for whatever happened as it is not his mistake.

He stated that he tried contacting them but he didn’t get anything from there as proof and then he stated that he can forgive her for now and then he stated that they are not going to be in a relationship with her and he further stated that the punishment should be well enough for her and then Meher stated that it is not enough for her and she will be going to pay for her dirty sins no matter what and,

He further stated that he is not going to sit quietly until and unless she is put behind bars by the authorities and then Sarab is seeing hugging Meher and in the next scene you will be seeing that Meher is playing out the video footage and he saw Kulwant in that video after which he got pretty shocked to what he is seeing.

And then Meher is stating that God is here for us and no one can do anything to them until God is there for them and then Sara also sees the footage and they both are completely shocked by what they are seeing. The event that is going on for the wedding has started as the kids have come to enjoy,

As they all are dancing after which Sabar and Meher are entering together and a song starts playing in the background and then Dolly enters the scene and she is trying to find Sapna Ji as she stated that the mother didn’t show up for the wedding of her own daughter which is pretty strange and she goes on to think that what is even happening here, Meher and Sarab are pretty shocked to see Kulwant.

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