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Choti Sardarni Written Episode 26th April 2021 Latest Update: Sandhya Comes & Get Angry


Here we are back with the written update of the Colors Tv serial named “Choti Sardarni”. The episode starts with an elder person who thinks that Sandhya and Sarab are married and blessed them as a couple but soon Sarab tells her that they both are not husband-wife. Kulwant sees everything and thinks about how Sandhya is taking care of the kids. She goes in front of Meher’s frame and says that she is going to make a decision and hoping that she is with her in that decision. In the hospital, the Nurse is trying to make Meher remember her name and her family but she is unable to remember anything.

Choti Sardarni Written Episode 26th April 2021 Latest Update: Sandhya Comes & Get Angry

On the other side, Seher asks Sarab to have food and served her. She says to him if she offered him food then God will bless her. Harleen questions her that from when she is learning all this. Karan tells them that Sandhya is the one who is giving these values to him as Meher asks her to do the same. Kulwant listened to Meher’s voice when Sandhya was serving the food to her. She understands that Meher is with her in her decision. Meher came into her senses and a chile came to her and tells her about his stomachache.

Harleen comes to Kulwant and says to her if she is stress about something as she sees her thinking something. She tells her that she is thinking about his son Sarab and his kid’s future. She says to her that how they will live their life alone. She asks her to see the kids and Sandhya. Harleen understands what she wants to say and tells her that how she can think this. After that, Sarab’s party members come to him and handovers him their resignation letters. They say to him that they don’t want to work with him anymore.

Sandhya comes there and get angry at them and says that they are putting those allegations on Sarab which are proved yet. She says to them that he is not saying anything, it doesn’t mean that he is accused. He is silent for his family and their safety. Party members realise their mistake and say sorry to him. Harleen says to Kulwant that Sarab will not agree with her. The hospital staff tries to steal Meher’s body parts. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 07:30 PM. Stay connected with us for further updates.


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