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Choti Sardarni Today’s Episode 9th March 2021 Written Update: Meher Pressurize Kulwant!


We are back with the written update of the Colors TV serial named “Choti Sardarni”. The episode starts with Sarab’s party members as they announce in the village that they are going to provide a free ambulance service. All his party members start pasting pamphlets on the wall and they also go to Kulwant’s house to paste pamphlets on the walls but Kulwant’s son comes there and asks them that what are they doing? Party members told them they are pasting the pamphlets in the village. Kulwant stops her sons to tear the pamphlets.

Choti Sardarni

At gill mansion, kids are sitting in their room and watching the cartoon. Meher comes to them and asks them to have a milkshake but they ignore her. Samaira comes to them and tells Meher that she has already made them ate breakfast as she didn’t know that she was also preparing food for them. Meher says it’s ok. Param asks Samaira that if his father had breakfast. She tells him that he will have breakfast later. Samaira asks them to dress up for the inauguration function. Harleen says to Sarab that he is not completely well so he can’t drive. Samaira comes and says that she will drive.

Kids say that they will not sit with Meher in the car. Meher gets hurt to hear them but Sarab says that kids missed her very much in the past 5 years that’s why they are hurt. Everyone reaches the function, Sarab announces that he is going to provide a free ambulance service for all the villagers. Everyone praises him and claps for him. Sarab tells everyone that the credit goes to Meher because it’s her idea to provide a free ambulance service. Kulwant enters the function and creates drama. She says Meher is a murderer, she killed her own brother.

Kulwant says she made her grandson an orphan. Yuvi also starts crying and says that he wants justice for her father. Some other lady also comes there and start to badmouth Meher. Kulwant also start curses Meher. Sarab gets angry and asks her to leave. Meher broke down into tears. Kulwant adds that whatever she is doing is not for the villagers but to reduce her sin. Villagers also start talking against her. After creating a drama, Kulwant moves from there. Sarab screams and says that why all the villagers are not respecting court orders as the court has released her. Watch the episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 07:30 PM. Stay tuned with us.

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