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Choti Sardarni Today’s Episode 30th June 2021 Written Update: Karan Catches Amrit Red-Handed!


Good afternoon lovely readers, we are back with another written update of the serial “Choti Sardarni” of 30th June 2021. The serial is constantly having a high voltage of drama which is trying to hold the attention of the viewers. One after another many twists and turns are portraying in the recent and upcoming track of the storyline. In the upcoming episode, viewers will watch that Karan and Param both are doing swimming and enjoying it. Karan gets scared when he sees that Teji has put 2 electric wires in the swimming pool. Though, she knows that it is dangerous and harmful but still she did. 

Choti Sardarni

Param closes his eyes and counts till 3 and he is about to jump in the water but Karan tries to stop him and continuously says No Veer Ji but Param jumps underwater. Karan is shocked to see Param jumping in the water and get scared and on the other side, Param feels a strong current in the swimming pool. Hearing the noise of Karan and Param, Meher and Sarabjeet come running and get shocked after watching the entire scene.

Then quickly the current wires are removed out of the swimming pool. Param is pulled out of the water and his condition worsens. After that Param is made to sit, wrapped in a sheet and Sarab gets angry at everyone and he asks all the staff members to come in front of him. He shouts at all of them and says that clearly tell me who did this disgusting act. He keeps asking in anger who did this and put that electric wire in the pool.

Param is more afraid as whatever was happened with him was wrong and the entire staff stands with their heads bowed. Then Karan gets up and says that I know who has done all this and who is behind it. Sarabjeet gets shocked after hearing the words of Karan and then he asks him who had done this Karan? Tell me the name of that person and then Karan points out towards Taiji and says Badi Dadi Ji had done this and Sarabjeet got angry and tells her how dare you Taiji and why you had done this. 

Taiji says Karan is lying I didn’t do anything like that and Karan says no dad I am not lying I myself have seen her putting wires in water. Sarabjeet waves of anger reach the next level and say why Taiji why you had done this and tell me what did you gain by harming children? Teji gets stuck badly and wonders what to say if I say that I had thrown these wires to harm Karan, then I will also get stuck. In the upcoming episode, it is interesting to watch that what will be a decision of Sarab Is he going to forgive Taiji or she needs to leave the house and how Taiji is going to save herself. To know the answers to these questions just stay tuned with us and watch this episode of “Choti Sardarni” on the colors channel at 7:30 PM. 

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