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Choti Sardarni Today’s Episode 2nd July 2021 Written Update: Karan Attempts To Escape!


The episode begins with Karaan is run away from the house. Meher and Sarabjeet get tensed and they also go out in search of him. Then they reach the railway station, where they ask at the inquiry desk about Karan and men tell them that this child has come here to buy a ticket for Delhi. When they listen to this they use to go and search for him at the railway station.

Choti Sardarni

Later we will see that Karan is struggling a lot to get the train as he is a kid and he doesn’t know about anything. Meher and Sarb inform the police and police there to help them in searching Karan. later we will see that Karan jumps out of the train and he lost his phone he s searching for his phone but didn’t get it anywhere. Meanwhile, he notices a boy who is having his phone. Karan tells him to return his home to him. But this child denies returning his phone.

After this Karan started to follow that boy and on the other side, the train is on the way to the same track. But somehow Saran comes and he saves Karan. He goes unconscious and distracted. Then Meher and Sarab make him calm. Later they both pampers him. Karan uses to felt guilty for whatever he did. And he tells the truth to Sarab and Meher about the kidnappers. After this, they both remain stunned and shocked.

Then they use to ask them about this him. On the other hand, we will see that Kulwant Kaur is on a video call and she is witnessing everything that Kran has been telling the truth to his parents. And she gets worried what if Meher and Sarb get to know the truth that it was all done by him. Hence she uses to get involved in hiding her truth by planning something else. What will go to happen next? To know you just have to watch the full episode on colors tv.

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