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Choti Sardarni, Today’s Episode, 25th May 2021, Written Update, Meher Finds A Clue!


The next astonishing episode of “Choti Sardaarni” on 25th May 2021 is ready to give the high voltage drama to its fans. The show is currently featuring the remarriage track of Meher and Sarab along with a twist in which Meher is trying to find out the real culprit of Sarab’s accident whereas Sarab and Kulwant try to stop her to find about the truth as her mother Kulwant was behind that accident. In the latest upcoming track, the viewers watch that Sarab and Meher are dancing together and everyone enjoying the ceremony of their remarriage but suddenly Meher receives a call from a shopkeeper who informs her that his name is Satpal and asks her to come into his shop.

Choti Sardarni

In today’s episode, the viewers watch that the function which is organized in Gill mention all the guests are arriving and scan their wrist bands which are given to them. From all of them, no one is an attacker only Bittu and Rana are left who yet not scanned their bands. Meher herself takes responsibility for this scanning process and then she looks at Bittu and Rana and thinks only these two persons are left whose wrist band scanning is pending.

In means from both of them, one could be the attacker who was trying to assassinate Sarab Ji. Now it is interesting to watch that who is going to be caught Is Bittu or Rana or maybe both. The real attacker is Kulwant Singh how she saved herself from this wristband scanning and when Meher will get to know that Kulwant is behind this. On the other side, Sarab thinks about what is Meher Ji is doing and how can I stop her investigation otherwise she will get to know that Kulwant, Bittu, and Rana were behind that accident and he tries to stop her.

The situation is already out of the hand of Sarabji and on another side Bittu and Rana both gets scared and thinks now only we both are left for this scanning process. Kulwant also thinks that she is not in the situation to give any answers to Meher’s questions and if Meher gets to know the truth her mental situation will become badly affected as per the doctor’s informed.

Bittu and Rana both gave their test and also get passed in it and gets happy but Meher is getting more confused that if they both are not the culprits then who was behind that accident. The situation gets more tangled for her, let wait for the next update to know further till then enjoy this episode of “Choti Sarrdaarni” on the colors channel at 7:30 PM and stay connected with us.

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