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Choti Sardarni Today’s Episode 22 March 2021 Written Update: Sarabjeet Stunned To See Body


The episode starts with Kulwant as she takes Yuvi to the school. Yuvi’s friend says to him if Karan wins the fancy dress competition then he has to teach the lesson to him. Yuvi says no and says Karan is his brother, he can’t do this anything wrong with him. Kulwant gets happy to hear him. When she about to leave, she sees Sarab there and questions him about Meher. He tells her that nothing is found yet about Meher. Kulwant meets Sandhya.

Choti Sardarni

Sarab asks Sandhya that if she knows Kulwant. She answers that she sees her at Gill’s mansion. Student troubles Karan saying his dress is very bad, he won’t win the competition. He says he is performing in the competition. Sandhya sees how students are teasing Karan. He goes to Karan and she can help him with the competition but He denies it. Kulwant questions Sandhya saying where is Meher. She says there is no information about her yet. She adds Meher will return soon. In the competition, the host asks Karan to come on the stage. Everyone gets shocked to see Karan’s new avatar.

Sandhya reminisces how she struggled to convince Karan to participate in the competition. Everyone cheers for Karan and appreciates him for his performance. Kulwant asks Sandhya if she helps him to get ready. She says yes because Karan is missing his mother very much. She says to Kulwant that if Meher was here, would be very happy. Constable informs Inspector that they found something related to Meher’s case. At school, Seher turns to come to the stage. Seher plays Meher’s role, Kulwant and Sarab get sent to see her. In the play, Seher acts like her Mother. Sarab gets emotional seeing Seher’s performance.

But Judges interrupt Seher’s performance in mid and says her performance is against the competition rule so they have to eliminate her. Sarab asks how can they disqualify her. She replies to him that she had to choose any famous celebrity. Seher says Meher is her role model as she is a very hardworking woman. She always cares for her kids and family members. Everyone starts clapping for her and judges announce Seher’s name as a winner. After that, Police inform Sarab about a lady’s body. Sarab broke down after hear this and tells Harleen about it.

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