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Choti Sardarni Today’s Episode 14th April 2021 Written Update: Sarabjit And Sandhya at hostile


In the first scene, Karan is seeing asking Seher about the surprise that Sandhya has planned for him to which Sandhya replied that the surprise I was planning got canceled as Karan’s brother has planned a better surprise for him which is Rabri jalebi that is his favorite that made Karan pretty happy as he comes in and replies with a thank you but for some reason.

Choti Sardarni

It got spilled to which Param says that she is a liar but Karan disagrees with his statement and Sarab tells Param to stop his discomforting behavior right now but he kept on saying that she is not nice and you guys are being fooled by her and he also states that he’ll prove it to everyone that she’ll not be able to talk to mama. He also stated that he’ll ask her a question that she will not be able to reply.

In the next scene, Sandhya is conveying some stories to Seher as Sandhya thought to herself that she has to lie until the situation gets better with Seher as Param asked the date of birth of Seher from Sandhya to which she remained silent but then she finally spoke and said that the birthday of our princess is tomorrow and Param went on to hug her.

Yuvi enters Jagga’s office as he started recalling his moments with Jagga. Yuvi recalls what dadi had told her earlier about handling this office and questions the credibility of Rana for handling this office as Kulwant says to Rana that he is worthy to sit on that chair.

In the next scene, Param is seen apologizing to Sandhya as Karan and Paramm hug each other and cry. Sarab starts up with the preparation for Seher’s birthday as he stated that he’ll do everything that Meher did. Param stated that mama will be missing from the family picture that we are going to take to which Karan replied that he has talked with a friend of mama and she’ll probably come to the birthday bash.

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