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Choti Sardarni Today’s 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Karan and Seher Unwanted Behavior!


Here we are back with the written update of the Colors TV serial named “Choti Sardarni”. The episode starts with the Kids as they reminiscences Yuvi’s words and how students are also encouraged by him. Yuvi tells them that her mother is a murderer, she killed her own brother Jagga. Yuvi reached his home and calls Kulwant. Bittu and Rana come there and sees Yuvi is injured. They ask him about his wounds. Yuvi tells them don’t ask about him, ask about Seher. He says that Seher will never forget this day as he does with her whatever Kulwant said to him.

Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni 8th March 2021

Param goes to Harleen and tells him whatever had done in the school. He says his mother can’t murder anyone and tells her to say that whatever Yuvi said is all lie. Harleen says to Param that everyone is telling him the truth, Meher killed Jagga five years ago. He says to him why his mother was missing for so many years. Samaira also comes there and asks her why she is telling him these things. She says the kids deserve to know about Meher’s truth. Harleen tells him everything about how Meher killed Jagga.

Karan and Seher crying continuously. Sarab tries to calm them down and tells them to not believe Yuvi’s words. Sarab tells them that their mother is the best mother in the world. He says to Seher that Meher cleans her room and decorated it. Later, Meher feels very bad as Seher called her murderer. Meher rubs Seher very hard, she says to her that she is hurting. Meher says sorry to her. Param comes there and says that means she killed Jagga that’s why she is apologizing. Meher says to him that she is not a killer. She starts crying. Sarab makes the kids understand that she is telling the truth that she is not the culprit.

Param says but they both lied to them. They are telling a lie for five years. Kids go to their room and lock the door from inside. Meher says how she make them understand that she also suffered too much in these five years of her life. Meher cries and asks Param to open the door but denies opening it and asks her to leave from there. Sarab says to Meher that they will soon understand that their mother is best and never kill anyone. He asks her to go to Kulwant’s house and have a conversation with her. She goes to Kulwant’s house but Kulwant comes there with a knife and tries to stab her. Meher asks her why she is upset with her when she didn’t kill Jagga. Kulwant asks her to leave. Watch the episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 07:30 PM. Stay tuned with us.

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