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Choti Sardarni Today’s Episode 27th March 2021 Written Update: Sarab Is Too Close To Meher!


Today’s episode of “Choti Sardarni” 27th March 2021 is ready to entertain its audience with another melodramatic element. For the past few weeks, the show is having a lot of twists and turns which sometimes makes the show quite boring to watch. And from the day the main lead Meher take the break from the show, the show is continuously going down in terms of TRP rating.

Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni

The audience is missing their favorite character Meher on the show so readers we have good news for you. As per the sources, maybe Meher will be going to join the show soon. Sarab who is in the search of Meher is finding her everywhere and in his search, he goes to Govindpur. In the Govindpur scene, the makers recreate the scene of Kashmir once more time where Sarab is very much near to Meher but still, he does not recognize her.

In today’s episode, the show begins with Sarab who hit the woman’s vendor cart with his car and when he asks the woman that Is she fine? So in this reply woman shouts at him and says are you crazy? Can’t you see moron? In her Haryanvi tone, she says you fool, you parked the car in the middle of the road. Then she starts picking her things from the floor and Sarab apologizes to her and says let me help you.

When he helps the woman he sees a locket on her neck and gets quite surprised, he looks at the locket and says wait a minute. Is this is your locket? In this reply, the woman angrily says no, this is your aunt’s locket. Who so ever is this locket belongs to is none of your business. Just do your work and then Sarab grabs her hand and says but it is my business so just tell me where did you get it.

He continues says this is my wife’s locket after hearing this the woman pushes Sarab away and then runs away from that place, Sarab shouts and starts running behind her. The woman is running between the lanes and Sarab is also running behind her and he continuously says her to stop but she is running. Does Sarab say he does not want this locket back but just tell me where is Meher Ji?

When both are running one woman who is in a veil heard this and then stops and looks behind. In the meantime, Sarab grabs the dupatta of the woman who is running and asks where is my Meher Ji? And from where did you get this locket? The woman who is in the veil hears their conversation and one man behind him puts the gun on his head. The show is coming to its intense turn, when will be Sarab finds her Meher Ji or the woman who is the veil who is she? Is she Meher? To know all this answer viewers need to watch the upcoming episodes of “Choti Sardarni” on the Colors channel at 7:30 PM.

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