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Choti Sardarni Spoilers 19 July 2021: After 16 Years, Seher Will Be Seen In This New Style!


We are back with another interesting & spoiler update of “Choti Sardarni” of 19th July 2021 is prepared for the entertainment of the crowds. In the upcoming scene, the viewers will see another zapping show of the characters of the sequential. As the watchers watched in the last scene, Sarab is wanting to send Param to the lodging and for that, he previously presented his imprint sheet and the present is Param’s meeting. So we should straightforwardly begin the composing update of the sequential, the scene starts with Param who is giving his meeting. Param neglects answers to numerous inquiries. Then, at that point, the educator requests that Param call his mom yet abruptly Sarab enters there and welcomes her.

Choti Sardarni Spoilers

Choti Sardarni Spoilers

He says I am the dad of Param. The educator asks alright bu\t where are your better half and Param’s mom? Sarab answers that she isn’t in the home. After that Param goes to Harleen and she gets some information about his meeting and he reveals to her that the educator needs to converse with his two guardians. Param says I realize she won’t go and I don’t have a clue what my might father say to the educator. Meher catches their discussion. On the opposite side, the educator says I will take the meeting with both of the guardians so call me when she will likewise be there for the meeting.

Then, at that point, Meher goes there and sits close to Saraband afterward Meher says to the instructor that it was dire to go however presently I am here so we can start the meeting. The instructor offers the commendation to Param and says he is actually a polite kid. Sarab composes on a paper and offers it to Meher in which he composed kindly don’t ruin it and this is truly significant for me to send Param to the lodging. The educator begins the meeting and says you definitely realize that Param didn’t get numerous imprints in his last outcomes and according to the rules of the school his exhibition is low.

Meher says I demand you to not pass judgment on a child based on just one test. Sarab apologizes for the conduct of Meher and requests that she stop. Meher says I know my kid and his capacities quite well and I realize Param is savvy so please basically allow him an opportunity. Sarab says the instructor’s test execution was not well and afterward Meher says I know and afterward she shows her other imprint sheets in which he scored well. He got confirmation. The scenes end here we will back with another update till then watch this scene of “Choti Sardarni” on the shadings channel at 7:30 PM.

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