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Choti Sardarni 9th June 2021 written update, The Arrival Of Daarji!


The episode begins with the arrival of a new member in the house. The member is too old he is a Daarji of Sarab. He is strict and rude but sweet as well. The new entry in the house has come with lots of twists and turns. Where ut will going to be interesting to watch him in the serial.

Choti Sardarni

Daarji will be seen scolding Meher in today’s episode after which she might little bit disturb but later Sarab comes to jer and he apologies in regards to Daarji. He says I know you are upset as Daarji was rude to you. But Meher tells him that I’m fine and he is experienced and older than us, so it’s okay. She also claims that he scolds me as he is worried for me so it’s okay. After this Sarab gets romantic and he tells Mehewer that he is blessed to have her in his life.

Meher smiles and she looks into his eyes. Later Meher asks him about the Daarji. She questions why he never tries to tell her about Daarji and where he is till now. How he was spending his life. And I would like to you know why haven’t you tall me anything about him ever? Then Sarab tells her that around 25 years ago there was a disaster situation in our house and Daarji left us on that day only then he never comes back. Then Meher asks her what was happened?

After this we will see that Daarji use to recall that situation, he says that if Gulbaksh didn’t take that wrong step of marrying someone else then everything is fine and different, also I would never have left this house. Then Daarji’s wife tells him not to repeat that time as we have other things to do. Sarab has been married now he is blessed with three children and we have been become Great Grandparents hence now we must shower love to them and look after them. The episode ends here, watch the full episode on colors tv.

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