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Choti Sardarni 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher will return to GILL MANSION on Monday


The episode starts with Gill’s family as they are praying to god for Seher’s condition. The next morning, Seher’s condition improves a bit, she starts breathing. Seher comes to her senses and asks Sarab about Meher. Sarab gets emotional to see her and hugs her tightly. Nurse Kavita leaves from there without telling anyone. The doctor checks Seher and tells everyone that she is fine now but after seeing the last report, he can tell the exact condition of Seher.

Choti Sardarni

Sarab looks for Kavita but she leaves the room and he gets to know that Sandhya leaves the house. He thinks about her care for Seher and says she can’t go from here. Sarab stops her by calling her name, Sandhya stopped. Sarab asks her not to go and says he want her to take care of Seher until she recovers. He says to her that he will ready to pay her. Sandhya says to her if he has no problem with her and removes her mask. Sarab seeing her and gets annoyed. Sandhya says sorry to him and says whatever she did just for Seher. She tries to defend herself but he doesn’t listen to her.

Sarab says if Seher knew the truth then she won’t behave like that. He again asks the reason why she is here. She says to her that she came for Seher’s sake. Sarab says to her that she is a liar. Kulwant comes to them and tells Sarab that she asks her to come here. Sarab says to Sandhya she can’t stay here. Kulwant asks him to take keeping Seher’s health in his mind, But Sarab doesn’t ready listen to anyone and asks her to leave his house. On the other hand, Kulwant requests Sandhya to not leave the house.

Harleen comes inside the house and tells everyone that he need to appoint a new nurse. Harleen asks why. Seher says that she wants Kavita’s nurse to take care of her. Sarab moves from there and locks himself in the room. Harleen comes to him and asks to think about Seher. Sarab calls Mehta and asks her to arrange a new nurse for Seher. Sarab imagines Seher, she says to her that she is getting him but he has to think their Seher. He comes out and Harleen says to him to tell his decision.

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