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Choti Sardarni 8 April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab Apologizes to Seher


The episode starts with Karan tells Sandhya says to Sandhya if she can talk to Meher like before. After hearing her, Seher’s body responds and Sandhya sees her movement. Karan asks Sandhya if she will talk to his mother in front of Seher as she also wants it. Sandhya closes the room and asks Karan what he wants to say to her. Karan says inform her about Seher’s condition and says they are missing her badly. Sandhya tells Karan that Meher loves them and misses them also.

Choti Sardarni

Karan says to Sandhya to asks her when will she return. She says she will back soon. He says why she is not talking to her children. Sandhya says Meher is saying that her children and husband are her life. Karan tells her that he listened to Sarab, he was also talking to Meher while making soup. Sandhya gets emotional hearing him. Sarab enters the room and Sandhya puts her mask on her face. Sarab gets amuse to see Seher’s movement and thinks she will come to her senses tomorrow and asks Sandhya if he is right. Sandhya moves her head.

Sarab asks her to eat food. Karan says she can’t eat as she is fasting. Yuvi says to Jeeto that he is hungry and asks her to bring food for him. Yuvi says he wants pizza but she denies cooking pizza for her. After that, he goes to Ginni and asks her for pizza. She also denies him for pizza. On the other hand, Kulwant is busy making favorite dishes of Meher. She spends a good time with Param to cheer him. Harleen looks happy seeing Param smiling after a long time. He reminisces the time when Meher cooked pizza for him.

After that, Sarab apologizes to Seher and promises her that he will never scold her. He asks her to speak up. Suddenly, the electricity goes off due to transformer damage. Ventilator also stopped functioning. Sandhya says to Sarab that Seher is facing a problem taking breathe and asks him to arrange power fast. Sandhya helps Seher by oxygen pump. The doctor tells Sarab that he shouldn’t admit Seher to the hospital as it will be dangerous for her.

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