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Choti Sardarni 7th July 2021 written update full episode: Param-Karan’s Action Makes Meher To Lose Cool


Good afternoon lovely readers, we are here with the written update of the daily soap “Choti Sardarni” of 7th July 2021. One after another many problems are coming into the life of Meher and Sarab and they are feeling helpless. Only problems are visible from all sides, they have one enemy in their house and one outside. Let’s start the update of today’s episode, the serial begins with Kulwant who notices Seher, and then she says Param to not tell anyone that she gave this coin to him. Seher sees Kulwant and asks Param whether she was Nani? Param lies to her and says no she was a teacher. 

Choti Sardarni

Kulwant hears their conversation and says my final game has begun now just wait Meher your both children will hate you. You ruined my life and put me behind the bar now it’s my time to take revenge. On the other side, in Gill Mansion Daar Ji asks Tai Ji to leave the house. But Meher takes the side of Tai Ji and says she can not do this. Daar Ji asks Meher to not take her side as all the proof against her and we even have witnesses.

Daar Ji further says he believes in facts and proof, not the heart and I can not be biased if you or Sarab is in her place I would surely do the same. Meher says just give me sometimes I will prove her innocence in front of you and then you have to call her to the anniversary. Daar Ji says ok fine and I wish you the best of luck and hope you are right. In another scene, Param says hope my wish comes true, and then I will take all the love of mummy papa and won’t share it with Karan.

Seher talks to Param and says why did you lock the room? Karan asks for his storybook and then both start fighting with each other. Karan starts crying. On the other side, Meher says to Sarab that I want Param and Karan to be friends once again and then they go to the children’s room and are stunned after watching them fight. Karan shouts in pain and says my tooth. Meher picks Karan. Seher tells them both are fighting and during the fight, Param punches him and broke his tooth.

Sarab in anger slaps him and Param gets hurt and says If I was in the place of Karan you will not slap him. I know I am your stepchild, Meher asks him to not use such words in this house. Harleen comes there and takes Param along with her. It seems like Kulwant’s plan has started working just wait to know what next is going to happen till then watch this episode of “Choti Sardarni” on the colors channel at 7:30 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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