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Choti Sardarni 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher Critical Condition


The episode starts with Kulwat as she reaches the Gill mansion and gets to know about Seher’s condition. She prays for her. Harleen questions Sarab about Seher’s health. He says to her that he doesn’t get what happened to her. Yuvi refuses to go to school. The doctor tells Sarab that Seher’s condition is very serious and if she doesn’t wake up in some time then she can go into a coma. Sarab thinks to take her to the hospital but Doctor suggests that he should appoint a nurse.

Choti SardarniSeher continuously taking Meher’s name. Karan tells everyone that Seher wants Meher in front of her. Kulwant asks him to look up to Seher, she will arrange Nurse. The doctor informs everyone that if she will get emotional support then it will be good for her health. Sarab instructs Mehta to search for a nurse. Sandhya is waiting for the bus. Sarab imagines Meher. She tells him to think patiently. She tells him to make soup for her and also asks him to mix the salt in hot water. Sarab says he is not able to do anything without his Meher Ji.

On the other hand, Kulwant goes to Sandhya and stops her from going. She requests her to come with her to Sarab’s house. She informs her about Seher’s condition and she needs a nurse. Sandhya reminisces Sarab’s words but Kulwant says to her don’t think about Sarab as she will take care of that. Harleen tells Sarab that they are unable to find a nurse due to the strike. Karan says Seher’s condition gets worsen if they couldn’t find a nurse. Sarab says God will help them and everyone praying.

Sandhya reaches the Gill mansion wearing a mask. Kulwant tells Sarab that she can’t speak when he asks her about her. The doctor instructs Sandhya about Seher’s condition. The doctor appreciates her for her work and moves from there. Seher’s health condition becomes more serious and Sandhya gives an injection to her. Mistakenly, Karan notices Sandhya’s face. Kulwant says to Karan to not tell anyone about this. Watch the full episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 7:30 PM.

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