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Choti Sardarni 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Param Gets Injured!


The episode commences with Meher as she becomes the captain of Team A and Team B’s captain is Sarab. Seher questions Meher that why she wore Salwar to play the match. She says to her that she feels more comfortable in Salwar Kameez. Harleen denies playing when Seher asks her. Sarab comes to Meher and says if today’s match is won by him then she will say to him “I love you”. Param says to everyone that his team will win the match as No.1 is printed on his t-shirt.

Choti Sardarni

Karan comes and says No.5 is bigger than No.1 that’s why his team is going to win the match. While playing the match, Meher and Sarab both try to distract each other in between all this Sarab’s team gets a penalty. At Kulwant’s house, Rana and Bittu fight as Ranna insulted Bittu at his office where all the employees are also present. Kulwant scolds both of them and asks them to stop fighting with each other. She gets mad at them and says now every month she wants to profit from the business.

When they get break time, Meher tells Seher that they are going to watch the movie when the break will over. Seher says to her if she forgets about the football match. Meher remembers. Harleen says to Param to have juice. Param and Karan say to each other that their team is going to win the match. Meher comes to them and asks them not to discuss anything about the match. Harleen tells Param’s football coach that she wants Param in the center of the team. He says to her that he didn’t know about the selection of the team.

After that, In the mid of playing, Param gets wounded. Sarab calls the Doctor. He comes to check Param and says there is no fracture but a serious sprain that will be okay after the bed rest for 3 days. Harleen blames Meher for whatever happened. Seher says to Karan that not to go for football selection but he denies listening to her. Sarab consoles Meher when she says that everything happened just because of her.

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