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Choti Sardarni 6th July 2021 full episode written update: Karan-Param Get Into A Fistfight!


The episode begins with Tai Ji leaving the house as what she did has been wrong. While she is leaving the house she has been in the hope that Dar Ji will stop her ‘but he isn’t responding to her. Then we will see that Meher is getting worried for Tai Ji and she didn’t want her to leave.

Choti Sardarni

Sarab denied stop her. He says that she was wrong and I don’t want to see you suffer from all these things again and again. While she is leaving Param comes there and he asks her to nit to leave but then she says that “Your mother has been won from me and everyone is thinking that only I was the one who is wrong”. Param is feeling sad for her grandmother. Then we will see that Meher comes to everyone and she says that I can’t let Tai Ji leave this house. So we ‘must have to do something to stop her.

After this Meher goes to meet her and asks her to not to leave. Them Tai JI uses to taunt her by saying that “I hate you and I will pray to god that you will not be going to live a happy life.” She further added that “I wish that you will also get treated by your kids that way Sarab treated me today. May gid will make you face the same phase and you must have to realize that how it feels.”

Meher uses to cry a lot and Tai Ji left from there. Later she goes to Saran and he tries his best to make her calm. Then she makes Sarab understand everything by saying that, we just need to make efforts to bring her back home. But before this, we need to make things sorted between our children”. She further says that we can let our family broken and for this, we just have to do something. Then they will be seen playing with their kids to make things sorted between them. The episode tonight will be going to entertain you a lot hence don’t forget to watch it on colors tv.

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