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Choti Sardarni, 4th July 2021, Written Update, Karan Discloses The Truth!


The episode starts with Karan as he questions Geeta if Kulwant is upset with him as he couldn’t run away from the house. She handovers him a letter and says to him that Kulwant asked him to make this letter read from Meher. Meanwhile, Meher comes to them then Geeta tells Karan to finish his milk. Karan gives that letter to Meher and asks her to read it. Meher reads the letter that states, she needs to between Param and Karan. Meher asks him that why would she choose one as she loves her children equally. Geet records everything and sends the video to Kulwant.

Choti Sardarni

Seher says to Param that Karan is upset nowadays, this is the reason why Meher is spending more time with him. They both enter their classrooms. Kulwant goes to Param and makes her show that video. Param thinks that Meher cannot say anything like that. She says that Meher puts her behind the bar. Here, Karan says to Meher they have to go from this house. Amrit says to Meher that she should listen to her son and go from there. Meher goes inside and comes with Sarab. She shows his wound to Karan and tells him how Sarab saved his life while risking his life.

Karan reminisces about the incident. Meher adds that Sarab never thought about his pain for his children as he loves them very much. He goes to his room, Meher also goes behind him. Harleen sees Sarab’s injury and feels worried. Amrit accuses Karan of Sarab’s condition. Here, Meher talks to Karan and asks that who asked him to leave the place. He also asks him that who asked him to go from the house without anyone’s knowledge and who helped him reaching to the railway station. He replies to her that it was his idea only and no one told him about that.

On the other hand, Sarab asks Amrit to control his anger as Karan runs away just because of her rude behavior towards him. Sarab requests her to be polite towards Karan. Daarji comes there along with the cops to investigate Karan’s case. As soon as Geeta gets to know about the police, she calls Kulwant and tells her everything. She says that she is running away from the house as she doesn’t want to get into any trouble. Kulwant scolds her. Meanwhile, Karan comes there and says to her that she will also talk to Kulwant. Everyone gets to know that Geeta is responsible for the accident that happened with Karan. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 07:30 PM.

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