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Choti Sardarni, 3 June 2021, Today Episode, Written Update: Seher Takes The Blame!


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Kulwant as he comes in and she is bringing all of the gifts and then Dolly states that she thought that she is going to bring the gifts in a truck and the Yuvi also stated that he thought she is going to bring a truckload of gifts and then Kulwant says to him that he needs to bring the coals onto the truck and all of the kids come running and all of them hug Kulwant and then one of them stated to mama that she has gotten so many for him and then Harleen stated that he cannot get the glimpse of the gifts as she further stated that until they are not dipped in the milk, he cannot see them.

Choti Sardarni

Dolly stated that this has to be done for their mom’s marriage and for the long life of their dad, Kulwant is asking about the whereabouts of Sarab and then Dolly comes in and stated that her MIL has gotten so many gifts for Meher to which Sarab said that he is fully aware and then Kulwant goes on to give him a gift and tells him that he should get his life years too and then Sarab says thank you for the gift and stated that she worries more about his life than God itself after which Kulwant gets a little nervous as she stated that and then she goes on to say that she wishes that Meher always stays married.

Sarab then states that he thinks that mummy ji doesn’t look well at all and then Kulwant is seeing cleaning her face as she is sweating a lot and then Sarab tells her to decrease the temperature of the air conditioner as he stated that mummy ji is sweating and then she stated to him that he looks changed and then he stated that the reason of him changing is her only as Kulwant gets more scared and then Sarab enters and stated that she is tying her daughter with this free boy after which everyone started laughing and then Sarab is thinking to himself that he so desperately wants to expose her and then Kulwant is thinking to herself that has he found out or is she just overthinking.

Karan enters the scene and says that he has found the pen drive and then Bitu and Rana get pretty scared to which Yuvi says that this is the pen drive of Bitu and Rana and then Param is asking them that where did they find the pen drive.

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