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Choti Sardarni, 29th May 2021, Written Update, Meher And Param’s Surgery Get Successful?


In the new episode of the series, you are going to see Karan as he makes a call to Meher and states that no one wants him to perform in the first row and says he doesn’t feel like dancing to which Meher replied that they are going to dance in the first row and he doesn’t need to get worried about that as he says that he needs to wait for him as he is coming to meet him as Meher has left from the place and then Kulwant started stating that he knows exactly where she is going.

Choti Sardarni

In the next scene, you are going to see Mittal and Sarab enter the police station as Meher has already reached the police station and she asks the inspector to get the records out of Gurnam as she stated that the guy has hit her husband with his truck and then the inspector stated that he had worked in different companies before he started working in Yuvraj transport and from those companies he was kicked out as the guy is addicted to drugs and he stated that the guy is dead 3 months ago in an accident as Sarab has heard all of this and then the inspector sees Gill sir as he calls his name out as Meher gets totally shocked after seeing him.

Meher is requesting him to listen to her but it seems like he is ignoring her and then Sarab stated that she was seeing the jewelry with the inspector and Meher kept on repeating that he needs to listen to her and then he stated that she is the one that never listens to him as he stated that they finally found happiness after some time and he stated that he has also said to her to enjoy their wedding and he further stated that she doesn’t care about all of that as her inquiry is way important than their marriage as he further states that the marriage can be done later it seems like,

He says that let’s just get on with her investigation first and marriage can be done for later as he left from there and then Meher called Sarab as she states on the call that he didn’t even listen to her then Meher went on to reverse his car and then Meher goes on to puncture her car and states that she doesn’t have a car now and just at that time she got hit by a biker and he says to her that can’t she see and then Meher shoves him and grabs him while saying how did her dare to talk to her like that.

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