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Choti Sardarni 29th June 2021 written update full episode: Kulwant’s Plan Against The Gills!


Today’s episode starts with Amrit as she shows a picture that was destroyed properly and questions who did this. Meher tells Karan to go inside but he didn’t listen to her. Dolly says to Meher that she is acting like she doesn’t know that Karan is the one who spoiled the picture. Meher says that he is just a small kid. Sarab also says in Karan’s favor. Amrit asks Sarab to tell his son to reveal the truth. Later, Karan admits that he did this and will repeat it in the future. Amrit says that Sarab should understand, he has done wrong as he gave his name to Karan.

Choti Sardarni

Karan throws water on Amrit and says that she destroyed his family tree so he threw water on her. Dolly reprimands him. Meher tells him to say sorry to her but Amrit says that she doesn’t want any sorry from him. Amrit is about to slap Karan but Sarab comes there and says that she won’t allow anyone to raise hands on his kids. Karan says that Sarab is not his father and if Meher will also scolds him then he will accept that he doesn’t have a mother. He goes from there. Amrit makes fun of Sarab and leaves.

After that, Kulwant gets a message from Geeta in which she sent her Meher’s crying video. Kulwant goes to her sons and shows them that video. Rana and Bittu get happy and praise themselves. Kulwant says but this is not enough for Gill’s family and they have to face a lot yet. Meher tries to make Sarab understand that he should understand things. He says to Meher that he is feeling that it was all someone’s plan. Meher says to him that if they will face the problem together then everything will be fine soon. Meher says to him that she very well knows that he is feeling broken hearing his son’s words.

Here, Daarji is trying to make Amrit understand but she says to him that she will take revenge. Sarab goes to meet the Doctor for Karan’s matter. Meher tells the doctor that how she stayed away from Karan for some reasons. The doctor tells them that Karan is in trauma and very upset after knowing the truth. At the house, Harleen discusses the matter with Dolly and Amit and says that it is good for them that Karan is going away from Meher and Sarab. Don’t miss watching the latest episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 07:30 PM.

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