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Choti Sardarni 29th July 2021 full episode written update: Rajbir And Sartaj Get Into Argument!


Here we are with the written episode update of “Chot Sardarni” the episode is going to make you stunned. As we all going to see that  Seher get to know about the truth that her friend isn’t get ready to married with a choice of her father. When her friend is trying to run from her wedding she gets her and asks why is she doing this. Then a friend of hers tells her that she is in love with someone. And I can’t get married to the guy her father wants.

Choti Sardarni

So, Seher tells her to be calm as she will manage to help her. Seher wonders to tell this to her father as she thinks that he will understand it. But when she goes to him and tells her that earth his reactions are worst. He tells her that it’s now of her business. And who the hell she is to talk about this to us. As it’s a matter of their family. So she better stay away from this. Seher becomes shocks when she gets to know that her friend’s father ‘is letting her daughter get married forcefully. And he is already aware of the fact.

She wondered that she must have to take another step to help her friend. Then she goes to a boy who is following her since the day he is following her while he saw her dance. She goes to her and asks whether he can help her or not. Then he gets happy from inside and wonders that I use to follow her and she is already here with me asking for help. She asks him whether he ever fall in love with someone.

Then he asks her why is she asking such a question to her. She tells him the situation that her friend needs help and her father is letting her married forcefully. Rajveer gest stunned when he listens to the truth, But then he gets ready to help her sister along with Seher. Then the real brother of minty stops him not to take any action against it.

As the boy is all set with the Barat. And it will be going to hit the reputation of our family. Later everything is sorted but Rajveer is stuck to his words and he will not going to let minty married to any random guy. watch the full episode on Colors TV.

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