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Choti Sardarni, 28th May 2021, Written Episode Update, A Baffling News For Kulwant


Hey readers, the most anticipating and astonishing episode of “Choti Sardarni” on 28th May 2021 is ready for the amusement of the audiences. A lot of drama and twists are already written in the script of the show which is likes by the audiences and they loved to watch its drama. As the viewers already watched in the previous episodes that Meher is trying to find out the culprit whose hands were behind the accident of Sarab. However, Sarab already knows that Kulwant was behind this misdeed and even Kulwant was also feeling ashamed for her previous deed but both don’t want that this truth will come in front of Meher as the doctor advised them to be careful with the health condition of Meher.

Choti Sardarni

Any kind of shock will worsen the mental condition of Meher and right now she is not in the condition that she can bear any kind of shock. On the other side, Meher is trying hard to find out the truth, and she is about to reach closes near to the culprit. In the upcoming episode, the viewers will watch that Meher will receive a call from Kulwant Kaur and she asks Meher that where she is?

Meher says to Kulwant Mummy Ji I am coming here for some urgent piece of work. Kulwant says I am very much worried about you and that’s why I called you. On the other side, the Police stop Meher and ask her to give his license number and when she gives her license number the police find something and then Meher thinks what if I gave the license number of that truck from which the accident of Sarab has happened. I will surely get a lot of information from that.

Then she asks the Police that if we put any license number of the vehicle in this machine do we get the details of that vehicle? Police says yes we will get the detail of any vehicle. Meher gave the license number of that vehicle and police give the information that the truck belongs to the Kulwant Kaur Dhillion transport service. Kulwant gets scared after hearing this and even Meher comes in a shock that this truck belongs to her mother’s transport service.

Kulwant informs Sarab about this and Sarab also comes in tension and says don’t worry mummy Ji I will take care of these things and solve this matter on my way. The episode ends here we will back with another detail of the show soon. Till then watch this episode on the colors channel at 7:30 PM and stay connected with us.

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