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Choti Sardarni, 27th May 2021, Written Episode Update, Kulwant’s Narrow Escape!


The episode is gonna be jammed with lots of issues for Meher. Wedding bells are ringing in the house and there is the celebration of wedding functions and everyone is going to seem busy enjoying the functions. Meher is also busy enjoying and performing the rituals along with Sarab. While on the other side Harleen and Dolly are planning something against Meher and Sarab.

Choti Sardarni

Dolly and Harleen are planning to fill the ears of ‘Param and they use to tell him that Karn isn’t his brother as he is only Mehe’s son from another man. Pram is a kid and he doesn’t understand anything hence he gets into their words and agrees with Harleen. Later we will see that kids get into a fight. Param is started feeling jealous of Karan. After this Meher and Sarab try to make the kids understand each and everything about how they are siblings and how siblings use to love together happily.

On the other hand, Meher is still searching for the evidence and the culprit to know who has been tied to attack Sarabjeet, she is making all the possible efforts to know the truth. And to know the truth Meher is putting all the possible efforts she has been searching for the truth curiously. Later Meher goes out in her car and traffic police stop her, then they ask her from the document, and that time Meher asks whether the number of that vehicle hence she asks them whether they have records of all the vehicles.

While the police update her the all the related information about that vehicle they tell her that this is the number of the truck and this truck is related to the Uvraj transport company. Then Meher goes back tp home and she uses to tell this to Kulwant Kaur that “I have got the evidence but still the truth is yet to be revealed.” Kulwant Kaur gets in shock when she knows that Meher is so close to the truth hence she uses to think about what to do so that Meher can’t know the truth.

Watch the full episode on Colors tv and also stay tuned to us to get the written episode update by following us.

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