Keep the level of your excitement high to catch the latest written update of the 26th January 2021 episode on “Choti Sardarni “. In tonight’s episode, we will gonna see Fake Drama of Kulwant sing Kaur.  Harleen gets jealous of Kulwant as she is staying in her room. There is a party in the lawn area Harleen invited her friends. But Kulwant comes and throws speakers on the floor.

Choti Sardarni

Everyone remains shocked why is she doing all this. Harleen also gets upset after see this. Kulwant creates a ruckus by saying stop playing music and throws things in front of guests. Where Harleen yells ta her “What the hell you are creating here?” Kulwant replies everything will burn here if I create a real drama. Mehar comes to listen to her mom and says her to stop it by shouting at her. Kulwant went on Harleens feet and say forgive me Harleen I don’t want to live and will not stay here anymore.

Mehar can’t see her mom doing like this and tells her not to be dramatic and stop it right now. Meanwhile, Jagga comes and yells at Mehar. After this Jagga shows his anger as his temper is high and says many things to Mehar. Which is he taunts Mehar that she can’t even look after her mom and talks disrespectfully to mom. Then he says I will take mom back home with me. But Mehar denies to Jagga veer Ji for taking Kulwant at home with him.

Sarbjit exclaims that we are just trying to look after Kulwant Ji but Jagga Paji sticks at his words and doesn’t understand what Sarbjit said. This makes Harleen angry and she says to Sarbjit that let Jagga Paaji do whatever he wants. This will be immensely going to effects Mehar’s life. Not only this Param will be sent to the hostel this would be the most miserable thing for  Mehar.

In the upcoming episodes, there will be more challenges for Mehar. One of them is Mehar has A five-year-old girl. It isn’t revealed yet that either it’s true or not. Hence, it will be interesting to see how Mehar will win the challenges. So, stay connected with us to get written episode updates of “Choti Sardarni”. Bookmark our website to get the updates and comment below for any query. Watch the full episode on “Colors Tv” at 07:30 PM from Monday to Friday.


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