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Choti Sardarni 25th June 2021 written update: Meher Get Accused Of Attacking Daar Ji


The episode begins with lots of problems for Meher she will going to face accused of attacking Daarji. We will see that a strange lady use to cut the rope of the swing which will be going to fall on Darji hence that blame of it will be going to shift on Meher. This has been Tai Ji will be seen blaming Meher.

Choti Sardarni

There are bloodstains on the rope as in FB we can see that the ]girl who cut the rope as cut her hand too and her bloodstains left on the rope. Tai Ji claims that it was Meher only as she has cut on her finger. Then Dolly Ji also blames Meher after seeing that cut in her finger. But Saran defends his wife there in front of everyone. He tells them that Mweweher goes this injury while she was bringing a piece of ice and this cut she had ]in front of me.

So, nine can blame her so easily. He shows that piece wrap in a white piece of cloth and it also has bloodstain. Then Tai Ji asks Sraab “I’m I a lier?” Then Sarab says that “if anyone blames my wife ever again then I will not going spare anyone.” After this Saraab left from there and Toshu says to Amrit that your daughter-in-law is innocent and she can’t do anything like this. Amrit shouts at her and says you must keep your mouth shut and don’t say anything. Then Tai Ji says only Meher is the one who jealous of us hence this must be done by her only.

While Daarji is taking a swing he falls down and then Meher Rushes takes a piece of ice to play it in her knee. But Amrit taunts her that you are the only one who forces him to take a swing now see what happened to him. Then Meher goes to the kitchen but she gets an injury in her finger. Then Meher comes with an ice pack. While she is applying it on Daarji’s knee. Sarab notices that Meher has an injury in her finger. And he supported his wife while Tai Ji is blaming her for cut the Swing rope. Watch the full episode on Colors Tv. Stay glued to us to get all the written updates of Choti Sardarni.

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