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Choti Sardarni, 25 March 2021, Written Update, Kulwant Exposed Villain


The episode starts with Sarab as he rushes to the phone thinking it was Meher’s call but gets disappointed because that was not Meher’s call. Sarab recalls the moments of them and cries. Meher also doing the same. They both dream about each other. On the other hand, Sandhya is feeling very guilty thinking that Meher facing the problems just because of her. She decides that she will tell Sarab everything as it won’t be right if she still hides the truth from him.

Choti Sardarni, 25 March 2021, Written Update, Kulwant Exposed Villain

Choti Sardarni

Sushma says sorry to Meher saying that she is guilty because Meher has to face all this pain just because of her son and husband. She adds that she is thankful to her for helping her daughter. Meher question did she talk to Sandhya. She tells her that she called her but couldn’t talk to her. Meher says to Sushma that she is missing her husband very much and want to talk to him. Meher handovers her sim card and asks her to make her talk to Sarab. On the other side, Sandhya tries to meet Meher. Sarab informs Sandhya that they are going to attend Akhand Path at Kulwant’s house.

Sandhya asks him to take her also in the Path. Kulwant invites IG in the Akhand Path. After that, Sarab gets a call from Meher and took a relief breath hearing her. She asks him not to cry as his crying face doesn’t suit him. Sarab asks if she is fine or not. He tells her that he and the kids are missing her so much. After that, Meher talks to the kids and gets emotional, and asks them if they are fine. She also asks what is Sandhya doing. Meher tells them that she will be back in 7 days. Sushma overhears someone’s voice and snatches the phone and pretends like she is beating her.

The kids get sad after hearing that Meher will return after 7 days. They think about how will they stay without her. Kulwant gets amuse to see Sarab and the kids at her house. She welcomes them. She tells them that she prepared laddu for Param and also prepared favorite dishes of Karan and Seher. Yuvi and the kids went inside the house. Rana and Bittu also welcome Sarab and Harleen. Suddenly Sandhya collides with Ranjan and was about to turn. Jeeto asks Sandhya about her name. Sandhya tells her lie saying her name is Sonu. Sarab wonders why she doesn’t tell her real name.

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