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Choti Sardarni, 24th June 2021, full episode, written update, Karan Gets Abducted!


Today’s episode starts with Dolly as she says to Amrit that Meher is taking all credits while she also helps her to come out of the room. Ahead, Amrit notices Meher is with Daarji. She makes an excuse to her friends saying she is feeling sick and wants to take a rest for some time. But her friends ask her to stay with them and enjoy. Here, Karan is kidnapped and asking the goon to call Sarab but he says to the goon that Karan is not his son. Karan gets upset and then asks the goon to call her mother Meher but she didn’t pick the call.

Choti Sardarni

The goon says to Karan that her father denies giving money so he has to die. Karan asks him to stop and tells him to call Kulwant as she will definitely give money to him. Doshi who is Amrit’s friend recalls the past and asks Amrit to win. Doshi tells Meher to join with them but she denies it. Amrit claims that she can’ win against him. Here, Kulwant handovers money to the goons and request them to leave her grandson. They leave him and Karan hugs her crying. He tells her that Sarab denied addressing him as his son.

Karan questions Kulwant about his behavior. She tells him that because Sarab is not his biological father as doesn’t love him as well. She says that he just pretends love towards him. He says to her that she is lying. She says that Sarab has two children Param and Seher. He asks about Meher saying if she is his mother or not. She says yes, he is Meher’s son. Sarab calls the driver about the kids as they haven’t come yet. He tells Sarab that Karan is missing but in the meantime, Karan comes back. The kids ask him where was he. He lies that he was in the garden as Kulwant asked him to do so.

Seher says to Karan that he should tell them if he was going to the garden. Kulwant says to her sons that she has instigated Karan against Sarab and asks them to get ready to see the drama. Here, Amrit and Meher are playing the game. Daarji tells Sarab to record it. In the game, Amrit tries to hurt Meher but then pretends like she gets hurt and blames Meher for it. Sarab comes and says that he record everything so don’t lie. Daarji again reprimands her. Kids arrive at the house and notice Sarab’s behavior. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 7:30 PM.

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