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Choti Sardarni, 23 June 2021, Written Episode Update, Kulwant’s Vicious Conspiracy!


Good Afternoon readers, are you ready to know the next written update of the upcoming episode of “Choti Sardarni” of 23rd June 2021. As the viewers are watching a lot of conspiracy of Taiji in the recent track of serial. She is constantly creating a lot of issues in the life of Sarab and Meher, after knowing the truth that Karan is not the biological son of Sarab, she started misbehaving with that little guy. The situation is getting worst in the life of Meher as Taiji kicks off Karan out of the Gill Mansion at midnight. Let’s check what new she is going to do in today’s episode.

Choti Sardarni

Today’s episode is going to be very interesting where the viewers will watch that Meher has made the arrangements for the function but soon she will be surrounded with a lot of troubles along with Sarab and Karan. As on the one side, there is Taiji who is creating problems in their lives and on the other side, her mother who is a bigger enemy of Meher is also returning to their lives with an oath that she will ruin the life of Meher.

Kulwant Kaur is out of jail and now she will take revenge on her insult and for that, she will use Karan as her weapon. In the upcoming tracks, we will watch that Kulwant Kaur will kidnap Karan from the school and Karan also gets to know that Sarab is not his biological father. On the other side, Sarab and Meher also want to tell Karan about this truth but in a proper manner but their enemies ruined their plan.

Teji is also taunting Sarab again and again in the house that tomorrow when Karan comes to know the truth, will he give the same respect to Sarab? Sarab is also disturbed and worried about this thing. Taiji says she will never forgive Meher for this and Daarji tries to make her understand but she could not want to listen to anything. Karan also feels bad knowing this truth, due to which his mind has also soured.

Will Karan be able to understand this and accept Sarab? On coming back home, Karan will not talk to anyone and will raise a question in front of Sarab. Karan says I want to ask you something and you have to tell me the truth, Sarabjeet gets amazed that what is something Karan wants to know? Karan says Are you not my father? Do you have only 2 kids? Now it will be interesting to see how Meher and Sarab together face this situation and how they can heal the wound of Karan. To know the answers of all these questions just stay tuned with us and we will soon back with another update. Till then watch this episode of “Choti Sardarni” on the Colors channel at 7:30 PM. 

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