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Choti Sardarni, 23 April 2021, Written Update, Meher’s Entry, the new story started with Sarabjit!


In the first scene you will see Sandhya hiding under the bed as Rajan is looking for her, the nurse enters and tells Rajan to leave the premises as Robbie tells Raman to get back in the room to which he replies that Sandhya is already in the room, Sarab is going to see Meher as Sandhya sees Sarab and tells him that she can’t leave him alone in this dangerous situation as Meher took Sarab’s name to which Sarab turned around and says that he is feeling weird.

Choti Sardarni

Sarab is trying to peek in and the nurse spotted her doing that and she immediately questioned him about why is he peeking, people have started making videos of Sarab claiming that he has been moving around with his lover after killing his wife as they started criticizing him and started addressing him as a shame to the society and they also started cursing him stating that he has killed his wife and also started saying that he made her pregnant.

Then went on with the abortion of the baby to which he replied to the people to have some shame as he left the place with Sandhya. Sarab receives a call from the school where his kids are studying as the official says on the phone that his kids are being expelled from the school because of him to which Sarab replied that I’m coming there.

In the next scene principal shows the video to Sarab and went on to say that he and his family are being defamed and are left with no credibility and all the parents want your kids to get expelled from the school to which Kulwant replied that how can they this to the kids and Sarab further says that all these allegations are not proved yet and the claims are false so on the basis of assumptions that I’m the one who has murdered his wife, they should not expel his kids from the school.

In the next scene, Rana and Jeeto are having a conversation as Raja says that he’ll get him a new TV  as he receives a call and is being informed that the stuff of his client has been stolen, Sarab is taking the kids to a restaurant, Seher says that he’d like to have 2 ice creams and people present at the restaurant started throwing stuff at the family and he erupted stating that how can they come to a conclusion when it has not even been proven.

He further stated that the hearing hasn’t even started yet and they have already decided that he’s the one who has killed his wife, the restaurant’s manager comes out to him and tells him that he and his family needs to leave the restaurant as they reputation is being spoiled by their presence.

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