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Choti Sardarni 20th May 2021 Written Episode Update: A Fire Mishap Alarms Meher


We have come with the written update of “Choti Sardarni” which telecast on Colors. The episode starts with Sarab as he tries to cool down her body by rubbing her hands. He asks Harleen to call Naina. She calls her, Sarab talks to her and says that Meher learned about the death of her brother and gets fainted. Naina says to him that she can tell anything only when she comes to her senses. She tells him that maybe she loses her memory or can regain her memory. Except for the Kids and Sarab, all family goes from the room.

Choti Sardarni

Sarab tries to wake her up by playing some incidents of them. He discusses the incidents with the kids. Karan says to her to wake up and scolds Param as he has taken his toy and giving it. Param says to her if she won’t wake up then he will fight with Karan. Kulwant comes to the room and consoles them by saying that her daughter will surely wake up as God has to listen to their prayers. Param says one day she prayed for him and God saved her so god will have to make her fine. Everyone starts praying to God.

After that, everyone slept and Seher prays to god and says if they won’t cure her mother then she will not talk to her ever. After some time, Meher comes to her senses and starts screaming as she notices fire in front of her. Sarab throws water on fire. All family members look at her continuously and think if she remembers everything or forgot. She asks them why are they looking at her this way. Everyone gets happy to see that Meher remembers everyone. Sarab hugs her tightly. Meher also gets emotional. Kulwant asks her what’s the matter, Harleen also asks the same.

Meher says sorry to everyone. She says to them that she knows how much she troubled them in past days. She says that she recalls everything when she forgot everything. Naina reaches there. Sarab informs her that Meher remembers everything. She says that means she is totally fine now. Kulwant hugs her happily. Dolly gets shocked to see them. The next morning, Sarab dedicates a song to her on the radio. They both dance together and enjoys. Sarab says to her that she wants to marry her again and asks if she is ready. She asks if he is out of his mind. He requests her to marry her.

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