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Choti Sardarni, 2 September 2021, Written Update, Rajveer Comes To The Rescue!


The episode starts with Seher as she says to Maasiji that Badi B is like a mother to her and her brother too so Badi B is not trying to become her mother but she is. She says that she made the mistake so only she will apologize to her, not her Badi B. Badi B tries to calm her. Seher asks her will she keeps quiet if someone insults her? She says that Maasiji can’t say to her when she didn’t do anything. Here, Didiji informs Rajveer about her Seher. He asks her how she knows? She tells him that Maasiji went to the Gill mansion.

Choti Sardarni

Param says to Maasiji that Seher will not repeat her mistake. Karan too apologizes to her. Seher says when she did the mistake so only she will apologize. She says sorry to Maasiji. Maasiji asks them not to come for the Sangeet ceremony because she will have to think about this marriage. She orders her staff to take back the Shagun. Param and Karan ask her to stop and apologize to her but she didn’t listen to them. After Maasiji left, Param question Seher that why she left the house.

Param and Karan stop Badi B when she tries to defend Seher. Both brothers ask Seher if she is in any problem. They tell her that her happiness is the only thing that matters to them. Meanwhile, Maasiji gets a call from Rajeev who tells her that he asked Meher to come out of the house as they are planning something special for the Sangeet ceremony. Here, Seher is unable to say something. Maasi comes there and tells them what Rajeev told her. She invites them to the Sangeet ceremony and also returns Shagun to them. Anu shows everything live to Didiji.

Later, the Sangeet ceremony starts with the retro theme. The whole Gill family arrives at  Rajveer’s house. The media people also come to the ceremony and question Seher and Rajveer who stay silent. Meanwhile, Didi comes there and says that it is a love marriage. Rajveer and Seher go aside and discuss the matter of Kunal and Narayan. Maasiji’s husband comes there and Didiji too asks them to dance as it’s their Sangeet ceremony. They both dance together. Ahead, Rajveer says to Seher that he get a clue about Kunal. He gets a key of that godown where is Kunal placed. They both reach there and Kunal sees Seher and calls her name but her voice doesn’t reach her. Watch the full episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 07:30 PM.

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