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Choti Sardarni, 1st July 2021, Written Update, Meher Gets Suspicious About Karan!


The episode starts with Geeta as she plays a video of a random person who is fixing the electric wire in the pool, the person wearing Amrit’s cloth. Kulwant feels happy when she sees the video. She says to her sons that soon the drama is going to happen in Gill’s mansion and this time, Meher will not get to know about the truth. Meher questions Seher and Param about whatever happened. The kids tell her that they were about to dive into the pool together. Bittu questions Kulwant that what is she trying to do. She says that she is going to use this video at right time.

Choti Sardarni

Bittu says to Kulwant that Meher will get to know that Amrit is innocent after seeing this video. She says that before that she will edit the video. On the other hand, Sarab says to Meher that she is unable to get all that is happening in the house. He says that he very well knows that Karan can’t do anything like this and Daarji said that Amrit and he was together at that time. Meher says that she is thinking something. Here, Karan says to Param and Seher that he is going to sleep with his mother and asks them to sleep with their father. Seher asks why is he saying all this again.

Meher and Sarab are talking about this matter. Meher shows her doubt about Karan. Sarab says that if she has gone mad. He says that Karan can’t do anything like this. He adds that Karan can’t harm her siblings. Meher says what if he did all this out of his anger. Sarab says no as he has no doubt about his upbringing. Karan overhears them and gets hurt. Karan tells everything to Kulwant and she says to him that she trusts him. She says to him that his parents think that he is mad that is why took him to the doctor. She asks her to do something secretly.

On the other hand, Amrit is packing her clothes as she is going to leave the house. Dolly tries to stop her along with Dolly but she doesn’t listen to anyone. She says that she can’t stay in this house anymore as Sarab also suspects her. Daarji comes there and says that they can’t go from there till Gurbaksh’s 25th death anniversary. Meher sleeps with Karan but he is thinking about how Kulwant asked her to leave the house without anyone’s knowledge. Don’t miss the episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 7:30 PM.

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