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Choti Sardarni 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Kulwant Faces Her Nightmare!


The episode begins with more mental complications for Meher. As we all know that Meher is suffering from a memory loss problem. While Sarab is trying his best to get back her memory and to get married to her as soon as possible. We will see in tonight’s episode that Meher’s mental health is becoming more dangerous and complicated day after day. This creating concern for everyone.

Choti Sardarni

Sarab is worried for her wife and he is making all the possible efforts to get the same love from her wife. On the other hand, there is a death ceremony of Jgga Paji. There will be a Shanti Paath in the house but the problem is Meher isn’t aware of the truth as she still thinks that Jagga Paaji is still alive. While everyone is planning to keep Meher out from this so that she can’t get hurt. Kulwant tells everyone not to get worried as I will manage to take Meher out of the house.

But her plan uses to get spoil as Jagga’s widowers shout out loud by missing her husband. Thus, Meher suspected something wrong has happened and this creates tension in the house. Meher enters the house and she sees a Jagga Paji’s photo frame, after which she understands everything and shouts her brother’s name. She uses to cries a lot and can’t control her emotions. She asks everyone what has happened t him and when this happened. Why hasn’t anyone told me about this?

Meher is in huge shock which might be dangerous for her mental health. While everyone tries to make her calm. On the other side, Meher is broken and Sarab is putting efforts to make everything normal again. We must have to keep on watch the serial to known what will go to happen next. Will Sarab get a success and Meher ger back her memory. Later Sarab comes to Meher and he calls the doctor. Doctors tell him that she might lose her memory if she will face issues like this.

Sarab gets panic and he uses to wonder how can he take care of his wife so that she can recover fast. On the other side, everyone gets worried when they listen to what the doctor has been said and waiting for Meher to open her eyes. Watch the full episode on the Colors tv channel.

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